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Bridging the Gap Between Researchers and Resources

Introducing Larne Pekowsky, Syracuse University’s Cyberinfrastructure Engineer (CIE)

Successful research requires a deep knowledge of one’s subject area and is often aided when the researcher is fluent with the available computing resources.  Continue Reading

Starting Small With Big Data

Michael Fudge Jr., Assistant Professor of Practice at the iSchool, recently chatted with our Research Computing group about one of his areas of interest.  Big Data.

Listen in… Continue Reading

OrangeGrid: Shifting evolutionary genetics research into high-gear

The grand challenge currently facing biologists is to decipher how the information in our genome manifests itself as the biological characteristics that make up who we are. This process is referred to as establishing genotype-phenotype associations and the ability of scientists to establish these connections in a wide range of organisms has been revolutionized by the rapid increase in available genome sequences. Continue Reading