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Matlab Batch Commands

Lean more about the syntax and arguments of batch commands. Also see examples and tips on how they’re implemented.

OrangeGrid Help

A Monte Carlo Algorithm for Computing pi;

To illustrate running a job under Condor, you will use a Monte Carlo method for computing π This is an example of an embarrassingly parallel problem that can easily be run on the Campus Condor Pool. [latexpage]To illustrate running a job under Condor, you will use a...

When Things Go Wrong

To see what happens when a job fails, let us deliberately break the script First edit the Condor submit file hello.sub and change the number of jobs submitted in a cluster back to one: queue 1 Next, edit the file and change the line...

Submitting Multiple Jobs

So far, we have only submitted a single job. The power of Condor is in making it simple to submit many jobs in one go. Edit the le hello.sub and change the last line of the fi le to queue 20 and re-submit the job with condor_submit hello.sub     Now Condor...