Eric Sedore

What areas of Research Computing do you work with here at Syracuse University?Eric Sedore

I work with nearly all areas of research computing, from hosting hardware at the Green Data Center to managing clusters and services, to writing grants to support the research computing efforts on campus.

What other responsibilities do you have on the SU campus?

I am the Chief Technology Officer within Information Technology Services.

How did you get started in Research Computing?

I came to research computing from an IT perspective, hoping to partner with researchers on campus to build a research infrastructure that enhances (and in some areas transform) research on campus, help build the research community on campus, and contribute to science on a national and international level.

What do you find most interesting about Research Computing?

I find technical challenges to be the most interesting aspect of research computing, both in terms of the scale and complexity.

What’s the biggest misconception about RC or HPC in general?

That transformation in research computing only happens with large scale computing, transformation can happen at any scale.

If you could give RC users one piece of advice what would it be?

If you have questions, ideas, or just skepticism, please come talk to us. I find that in nearly all cases the conversation results in ideas on possible collaboration.