Zest: High Performance Computing (HPC)

What is Zest?

Zest is a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster for campus researchers which supports tying together multiple compute nodes for research work that cannot be split into smaller components or fit within a single machine. 

To facilitate this, Zest compute elements are interconnected with low-latency networking that pass information between nodes many times faster than traditional network technologies. Zest utilizes the SLURM scheduler, which allows researchers to scale jobs within the cluster and groups the nodes together as needed by the current jobs. 

At its inception in 2020, Zest is made up of over 1000 cores and 6TB of memory across 31 interconnected nodes. Today, Zest is comprised of hundreds of thousands of cores and hundreds of terabytes of memory.

Connect With Us!

If you have a workload that is appropriate for Zest, or just have questions on what is possible, please let us know! You can also email us at researchcomputing@syr.edu.

We would be glad to connect with you to explore how we might be able to assist.

Zest Cluster Architecture

(All worker nodes have Infiniband interconnect)


node [1000-1011]

80 CPUs, 187G memory each

Worker nodes (Dell)

node [1012-1023,1028-1030]

36 CPUs, 188G memory each

Worker nodes (Supermicro)

node [1024-1027]

36 CPUs, 188G memory, 2 GPUs each

GPU worker nodes

Zest Cluster Architecture

Packages Installed on all Login and Worker Nodes

Zest Packages
Package Description
yasm Modular Assembler
gnu8-compilers-ohpc The GNU C Compiler and Support Files
ohpc-gnu8-io-libs OpenHPC IO libraries for GNU
ohpc-autotools OpenHPC autotools
openblas-gnu8-ohpc An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2
openmpi3-pmix-slurm-gnu8-ohpc A powerful implementation of MPI
lmod-defaults-gnu8-openmpi3-ohpc OpenHPC default login environments
imb-gnu8-openmpi3-ohpc Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB)
kernel-devel Development package for building kernel modules
kernel-headers Header files for the Linux kernel for use by glibc
dkms Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework
libstdc++ GNU Standard C++ Library
boost-gnu8-openmpi3-ohpc Boost free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
hwloc-ohpc Portable Hardware Locality
scalapack-gnu8-openmpi3-ohpc A subset of LAPACK routines
singularity-ohpc Application and environment virtualization
gnuplot A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data
motif-devel Development libraries and header files
tcl-devel Tcl scripting language development environment
tk-devel Tk graphical toolkit development files
qt Qt toolkit
qt-devel  Development files for the Qt toolkit
libXScrnSaver X.Org X11 libXss runtime library