The Research Computing Series is a great opportunity to learn about the resources available to faculty, staff and students. The Spring 2024 Research Computing Series featured two sessions.

The April 10 session featured a presentation by Collin Capano, director of the Open Source Project Office (OSPO). Established in November 2023 with funding from a Sloan Foundation grant, the OSPO is dedicated to promoting open research initiatives and fostering open-source code development at Syracuse University.┬áCapano’s presentation provides an overview of the OSPO’s purpose, current projects, and future objectives.

The April 17 session showcased insights from the ITS Research Computing team, focusing on recent enhancements to campus resources that are available to researchers across the research landscape. Topics included a discussion on the augmentation of compute capacities, refinements in documentation and a concise review of cluster resources. The session also featured spotlights on the HTC OrangeGrid cluster and the updated and highly anticipated new HPC Zest cluster, illustrating how these developments bolster the computational infrastructure available to the community.


Collin Capano

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Research Computing Team