About OSPO

Established via a Sloan Foundation grant, the Syracuse University Open Source Project Office (OSPO) serves as the center of competency for open source operations and structure and is responsible for defining and implementing strategies and policies to guide open source research efforts. This can include recommendation and investigation around code use, distribution, selection, contributing, and other key areas; providing education and training to people (inside and outside the university) involved in open source activities; supporting the university’s efficiency in developing software through encouraging sustainable usage of existing open source components and, where appropriate, contributing enhancements back to these project; when needed, guiding teams with open sourcing their software; ensuring engineering effectiveness; ensuring compliance; and promoting and building community engagement.

Open Source Resources

Coming Soon! Additional open source resources and documentation are under development.

Staff and Faculty

Collin Capano Director, Open Source Project Office
Collin is a research professor in the Department of Physics. He has over a decade of experience in open source code development, which he has utilized to carry out research in gravitational-wave astronomy. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Syracuse University in 2011.

Contact OSPO

Have questions about the Syracuse University OSPO? Feel free to email us at ospo@syr.edu.