Do you need more computing power to move your research and creativity forward? At the Spring 2023 Research Computing Series, graduate students from the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Engineering & Computer Science will discuss how they leverage Syracuse University’s advanced computing resources to strengthen their work.

During the first session, Physics graduate student Chaitanya Afle will discuss how he used the University’s computational resources to test the reproducibility and robustness of analysis to measure the mass and radius of a neutron star using X-ray data from NICER.

Physics graduate student Chaitanya Afle

In the second session, graduate students Jingjing Ji (Chemical Engineering), Britnie Carpentier (Biomedical Engineering), and Patrick Marsch (Chemical Engineering) will discuss how they have used research computing tools to address questions about proteins involved in incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s or irritable bowel syndrome.

Graduate students Jingjing Ji, Britnie Carpentier and Patrick Marsch
Left to right: Carpentier, Ji and Marsch

The sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams:

  • Graduate student Chaitanya Afle (Physics)—Tuesday, April 11, 12:30-1:30 p.m.
  • Graduate students Jingjing Ji (Chemical Engineering), Britnie Carpentier (Biomedical Engineering), and Patrick Marsch (Chemical Engineering)—Wednesday, April 19, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

ITS hosts the Series in collaboration with the Research Computing Advisory Council. Each session explores how campus computing resources help faculty and students tackle new and more complex computational tasks, increase the competitiveness of grant submissions and more. Attendees also will have the opportunity to connect with their peers and meet the Information Technology Services Research Computing staff.

All faculty, students and staff conducting, planning or supporting advanced computing activities at Syracuse University are invited to the sessions.

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