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Researchers, we’ve packaged some most useful and relevant video tutorials here.  Check out select training videos on Linux, scripting & programming, as well as research-specific software.

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Introduction to Matlab

ITS maintains a 90-core Matlab cluster built for highly-parallelized work.  This cluster is available for campus researchers’ use at no cost.  Hosted in Syracuse University’s Academic Virtual Hosting Environment (AVHE) and scheduled using Microsoft HPC...

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Targeted Training for Researchers

Building a Firm Foundation Training Resources for Researchers is an online library of high-quality video tutorials teaching a wide variety of software tools and skills. The full range of these tutorials are available freely to current Syracuse...

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OrangeGrid-Powered OSG Publications

Open Science Grid Publications Powered by OrangeGrid In 2015, Syracuse partnered with the Open Science Grid (OSG) to contribute OrangeGrid compute resources to researchers within the OSG framework. Below  are all of the publications that were enabled by OrangeGrid....

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Bridging the Gap Between Researchers and Resources

Introducing Syracuse University’s Cyberinfrastructure Engineer (CIE) Successful research requires a deep knowledge of one’s subject area and is often aided when the researcher is fluent with the available computing resources.  Without this working knowledge of...

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Spring 2016 Colloquies & Deep-Dive Sessions

Explore the University’s Robust Research Computing Resources The upcoming series of Computing Colloquies is designed to help campus researchers identify and make the most of the diverse array of campus computing resources available at Syracuse University. All faculty,...

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Gravitational Wave Photo Gallery

Press Conference: Searching for Gravitational Waves. A century after Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, the National Science Foundation will gather scientists from Syracuse University, Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration to update the scientific community on efforts to detect them.

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What Are People Saying?

From our researchers

We used OrangeGrid to conduct many simulations of biological tissues. This simulation data helped us to make an exciting prediction about cells in the lungs of asthma patients.

M. Lisa Manning

Associate Professor, Physics, Syracuse University

OrangeGrid is a phenomenal resource and opens up a whole new range of computational problems that we can address… The more computational resources we have the more science we can do, that’s the bottom line.

Duncan Brown

Associate Professor of Physics , Syracuse University

With the help of the ITS staff who manage the Campus Grid, we have been able to accomplish some things that I was not anticipating when I started my position here.

Melissa A. Green

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University